We’re rebuilding two power lines and updating two switching stations in the Prince Albert area.

The current power line’s wood structures are being updated with larger steel frames. This affects:

  • The PA4 line - connecting at the Price Albert switching station south of the city to the Senator Substation 10 kilometres south, east of the Number 2 Highway.
  • The B4P line - connecting the Senator Substation to the Beatty Switching Station approximately 65 km to the southeast.
  • The Senator and Beatty stations will get upgrades as part of the project.

Transmission project timeline build stage

Why we’re doing it

The need for power continues to grow. These upgrades will provide backup power to the City of Prince Albert. It’ll also prepare the system for future growth and boost service reliability in the area.

Our progress so far

We’ve split construction of the power lines into two stages:

  1. The PA4 rebuild began in January 2018
  2. The B4P rebuild begins in the fall of 2018

All other construction-related activities should be completed and powered up in Spring 2020.

View the project schedule.

Minimizing the impact to you

The majority of construction will take place within the existing right-of-way. This will reduce impact on:

  • the environment;
  • agricultural operations; and
  • residents within the area.

Areas where the terrain has changed since the original lines were built may have caused structure placement to change.

Respecting the local environment

Existing and new power lines cross many wetlands in this area. Because of this, we chose to install screw piles for structures. This ensures that the steel doesn’t come into contact with the water when levels are high. 

Construction for this project will happen over winter months to protect the wetlands. With frozen ground conditions, construction activities are less likely to cause damage to the land.

Benefits to local communities

This project improves reliability to both our urban and rural customers. It also helps support future growth within the area. Employment opportunities may be available once construction begins.

Learn more about our current opportunities.

Keeping you informed

We’ll update this page with information about the project’s process once construction begins.

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