We’re always working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. This means staying on top of our environmental practices. Changes can come from legislation, environmental regulators, and our stakeholders.

By understanding legislation and reviewing industry best practices, we can improve our processes and procedures. It's just one of the ways we can ensure our customers that we're delivering their power in a sustainable way.

Environmental Controls

Using these measures, we ensure we make as little environmental impact as possible:

  • Sustainable Electricity Company TM designation from the Canadian Electricity Association
    • We meet a set of established guidelines to ensure we can serve our customers long-term
  • Environmental Management System
    • We follow rules recognized around the world and provide guidance to our employees and contractors
  • SaskPower’s Environment Strategy
    • We plan and set goals to guide our next steps
  • Beneficial management practices
    • We plan our work to make sure our impact on the environment is as small as possible

Reduction of Air Emissions

We know that there’s more to our carbon footprint than our power stations. That’s why we’re working towards lowering our emissions, through:

  • Environmental protection plans
    • We make plans to show how we’re meeting the air quality standards set by governments and we report our progress
  • Emissions planning
    • We work to develop cleaner sources of power
  • Greenhouse gas inventory
    • We track our emissions over time and use the information to help us reach our goals

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