Smart Meter


Sign up for your smart meter today. The meter and install are of no cost to you. 


Please note: We're only accepting single-family dwellings at this time. Multi-family dwellings like apartments and condos will be added in a future phase. 

Be sure to sign up for your smart meter today to realize benefits such as:

  • No More Estimates – your smart meter will give us actual meter readings. This means no more bills that are based on estimated meter reads.
  • More Control and Access – get more information about your power use and have a better idea of how to reduce it.
  • Shorter Outages – in the future, when a power outage occurs, smart meters will help us pinpoint the source of the issue immediately, getting your power back up and running faster.

Eventually we’ll provide a smart meter to every customer who wants one. As we install more, it should enhance the meter’s ability to communicate. If you live in a remote location, your meter might require manual reading at first. With time, most situations will improve.

We’re excited to bring even more smart meters to Saskatchewan! Learn more about the program below.

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