We procure goods and services that provide best value for SaskPower by being innovative, efficient and flexible.

We conduct our business transactions with suppliers in an open, fair and transparent manner.

We value our supplier relationships and encourage contact with existing and potential suppliers. We believe in a diverse supply chain and advancing Indigenous and women-owned business within the province.

What We're Looking For

We seek:

  • A relationship with suppliers where both parties benefit equally;
  • Suppliers that value a safety focus in their operations;
  • Suppliers that offer ideas and solutions to problems;
  • Open dialogue and two-way communication within our business relationships;
  • Suppliers that can offer expertise in their area of business; and
  • Suppliers that understand and accommodate schedule sensitivity.

Please read our promise to suppliers to learn more about what we strive for in each of our supplier relationships. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines SaskPower’s expectations regarding the sustainability practices of our suppliers.

Business Needs

As part of SaskPower’s commitment to safety, we’ve adopted the ISNetworld screening process when hiring contractors to perform high-risk work.

Our Procurement department meets with the different areas within SaskPower to discuss upcoming needs or ideas for business operations on a regular basis.

We encourage you to engage SaskPower in conversations about what SaskPower needs, and provide industry insight and expertise that might help us understand how to alleviate those needs.

  • Corporate Professional Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Office Equipment and Supplies
  • Telecommunications
  • Fleet Equipment
  • Generation – Plant/Component Systems
  • Generation – Parts, Maintenance Services
  • Plant Fuel
  • Transmission and Distribution – Equipment, Material and Services
  • Chemicals and Gases
  • Construction only
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Facilities
Once we have identified a specific need, we go to market to find a solution. Here are the steps we follow:

SaskPower's procurement opportunities are posted via electronic tendering service on SaskTenders.ca and Merx.com. Descriptions of each opportunity can be viewed but suppliers must register to download the opportunity and view the specific requirements.

Suppliers can sign up to have SaskTenders or Merx notify them about opportunities of interest to their business.

In rare, exceptional cases, such as international procurements, SaskPower may post procurement opportunities outside of its normal channels.

  • Merx is SaskPower's primary electronic tendering service for downloads and bid submissions. Summaries of each opportunity can be found on SaskTenders, but you must download the opportunity from Merx.
  • Suppliers can choose to pay an annual fee for all SaskPower opportunities. This includes online proposals. Or suppliers can instead choose to pay per download of a SaskPower opportunity, plus pay to submit a proposal.
  • Sign up to the electronic tendering service(s) in advance to avoid delays. It can take some time to complete the process (more than a day in some cases)- for example, credit cards for document downloads take 24 hours to process, and the tendering service must be set up and confirm with you a unique identifier.
  • Download all addendums which may provide changes or clarifications to the opportunity. Check the tendering site regularly for new addendums.
  • Attend required site meetings which can help to clarify the work required.
  • Contact the Procurement representative listed on the opportunity with any question you have as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave your bid submission until the last minute.
  • To learn more about Merx visit their website. You can also follow their tutorial to learn how you can do business with us.

If a SaskPower competition is identified as high risk, then every supplier wishing to bid must be ISNetworld subscribed, in Canada, and have a passing grade as per the competition documents.

SaskPower STRONGLY recommends that suppliers pre-qualify with ISN prior to competitions to ensure your grade is acceptable and that your bid will be considered. Leaving the ISN subscription and setup work to the competition increases the risk significantly that your information will not be assessed and graded by ISN in time. Supply only contracts are typically not identified as high risk.

To be connected to SaskPower, please email your request, including your Canadian ISN number to: contractorsafety@saskpower.com

Please ensure all documents required for the opportunity are submitted prior to the closing date and time. Please note that SaskPower is located in Saskatchewan and therefore does not participate in Daylight Savings Time.

Merx is our preferred method of receiving submissions. If you are having technical difficulties when attempting to put forward your submission via Merx please contact them directly for assistance.
It is very important that we have an open, fair and transparent process. To ensure this we require that you tell us about any potential conflicts of interest that are related to the opportunity.

Please review our Financial Registration information on this page to see whether you qualify to register your financial documents with us.

At this point we will evaluate all submissions using predetermined evaluation criteria, which will change based on the type of opportunity. We emphasize overall value in our opportunities, not just price. In fact, the price is held back from the evaluation team until the technical evaluations have been completed to ensure that submissions are not based on price. We also regularly assign an evaluation team to opportunities to ensure fairness and eliminate favouritism.

Some examples of criteria that your submission may be evaluated against are safety records, expertise and experience as it relates to the opportunity and the success of past relationships with us. Another criteria included in all of our evaluations is whether or not your organization includes Aboriginal content. Learn more.

Tenders are evaluated on price only.

We contact the supplier(s) whose submission has resulted in the highest scoring evaluation. At the successful conclusion of negotiations, we seek internal approvals in accordance with governance policies.

During this time we notify the unsuccessful suppliers. This is done by emailing the unsuccessful suppliers the name of the successful organization. We offer to debrief the unsuccessful suppliers so that they have the chance to learn how to improve their submissions on future opportunities.

Once approval is granted the contract is awarded and purchase orders are created. The business unit within SaskPower will now work directly with the supplier to manage the relationship and complete the work.

We will also post the successful organization’s name on Merx.

We have a system in place to collect and review feedback on supplier performance, which enables us to work with suppliers to correct any issues and improve performance when necessary. It also enables us to reward good performers during future supply decisions.

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