1. How do I know that my information will be kept secure?

We respect the rights and privacy of personal information that our customers provide to us. We have policies, processes and guidelines in place to help protect your personal information. We follow all federal legislation related to keeping our data secure and have established controls to defend our online assets from attack, damage or unauthorized use.

2. I have more than one name on my account – what name do I enter?

If you’re setting up a new MySaskPower account, use the first name on your power bill. Make sure you type your name exactly how it is on your bill (case sensitive – upper case). This includes spaces and commas. Our system can only accept 25 characters in the name field. Meaning you'll only be able to enter the first name on your bill.

3. What are the password requirements for a MySaskPower account?

Your password must have:

  • 8-16 characters
  • upper and lowercase letter
  • at least 1 number
  • one or more symbols (except < >)

For your security, we recommend you change your password regularly. 

4. I’m signing up and my verification code isn't working.

Make sure you keep the registration window open while you get the verification code we emailed you. If you close the browser the code will be invalid.

If you enter it incorrectly you’ll receive an invalid code message and will be asked to re-enter the code. You can reuse the same code for up to 20 minutes from when the email was sent without asking for a new code.

5. I’m signing up and I need a new verification code. 

If your code isn’t working, you’ll need to request a new code. Click on the ‘send new code’ button and enter the new code.

6. I didn’t receive my verification code in my email.

If you didn’t receive your verification code in your email inbox, check your Junk Mail or Spam folder.

7. Why are the Primary Details needed?

The primary details allow us to give you a personalized experience that’s tailored just for you.

8. Do I need a SaskPower account to get notifications?

No! You can add your mobile number to your MySaskPower profile to get updates on outages, service requests and profile changes.

9. Can more than one person have access to the same account online?

Yes! You can have more than one profile for your MySaskPower account. You can register for a second profile the same way you created the first one.

10. What’s the best internet browser to use?

Make sure your browser is up to date. Using the newest version of any browser will give you the best experience. 

11. Why am I being charged a fee to use my credit card?

We wanted to avoid passing the cost of credit card payments to all customers. That's why those choosing to pay by credit card are being charged a 1.75% fee.

This fee is charged by the third party for the service provided, not by SaskPower.

12. Why hasn’t my Service Request status changed?

Please note: the time required to complete your service request will depend upon the service you’ve requested. 

After submitting your request, there will be 3 notification stages:

  • ‘Submitted’ is the first one. This means we’ll need 3 business days to process your request. It will include the following status:
    • Application
    • Submitted
  • ‘In Progress’ is the next stage and requires the most steps and time to complete. It can include the following statuses:
    • Quote Expeditor(QE) Preliminary Design
    • Design
    • Permit
    •  Planning
    •  Construction
    •  Waiting for Customer
    • No Design
    • Hold
    • In Progress

      The status ‘In Progress’ itself could also include physical site checks, material ordering, and construction preparations. 
  • ‘Completed’ is the final stage, meaning our work is completed. This includes the statuses:
    • Completed
    • Duplicate
    • Cancelled
    • Rejected

If you have further concerns/questions on your service requests, please call us at 1-888-757-6937.

13. Why does my notification have a status of “waiting for customer”? I’ve already submitted the information needed.

We may need additional information from you about your service request. If that is the case, you will have received an email from us, requesting this information. Please double-check that you’ve returned all requested documentation. If all required information has been submitted, please contact us

14. How do I set my cost forecast?

In MySaskPower navigate to My Profile> Notifications> Power Use Alerts. Then, set a dollar amount threshold (whole numbers only). If the dollar amount you choose is surpassed, you'll receive a daily alert.

15.  I have a non-smart meter, can I use Power Use Alerts?

No, unfortunately this feature is only available for those with a smart meter.

16. Why don’t I see the demand alert on all my accounts?

This alert only appears for accounts with demand charges.

17.  What account information can I update?

Through your MySaskPower account you can update your:

  • billing mailing address
  • billing email address
  • billing phone numbers (mobile, landline and fax). Please note, we need at least 1 phone number on file.

18.  Why is there a delay in the completion of my account updates?

The delay allows us to ensure that we’re making the changes based on a request from an authorized account holder.

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