tractor contacted with a power pole
Have you spotted damaged SaskPower property? We are committed to keeping this province as safe as possible around electricity. Help us keep everyone safe by reporting damage when you see it.

When to Call 911

Always call 911 if it’s an emergency. If your vehicle or equipment contacts a power line, stay put and call us at 310-2220. Stay put until help arrives.

Report Damaged Property

Call us 24/7, at 310-2220 (toll free) to report:

  • Fallen power pole
  • Fallen power line
  • Open power box
  • Power outage
  • Power disturbance
  • Meter socket pulled free
  • Meter seal broken or missing
  • Radio noise

Report Streetlight Trouble Online

Use our Streetlight Trouble map to report the following types of streetlight damage:

  • Light is always out
  • Light flicks on and off
  • Light is always on
  • Glass or fixture open
  • Missing light fixture
  • Damaged streetlight pole
  • Graffiti on streetlight pole
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