Two power line technicians in a bucket truck with a SaskPower truck and power line in the distance.

Power Line Technicians (PLTs), play a crucial role in providing electricity to over 550,000 customers across Saskatchewan. PLTs build and maintain our power lines and related equipment, both overhead and underground.

How to tell if this job is for you

PLTs get a lot out of the job, financially and personally. It's pretty much unanimous - they all say it's a great feeling to get the lights back on, especially when people need it most. You'll be hard pressed to find a team that's more dedicated to their job or each other.

The job is also tough. To be a PLT, you’ll want to be comfortable answering yes to each question below:

  • Are you in great physical condition?
  • Do you have a knack for mechanics and math?
  • Are you prepared to work outside during Saskatchewan’s harsh winters and blazing hot summers?
  • Are you comfortable working at great heights or in confined spaces?
  • Are you willing to work varying hours, sometimes in the middle of the night when there’s a power outage?
  • Are you flexible about your work location? Chances are, you’ll start out working in a rural location. Before getting to work in your preferred town or city, you’ll need to build up seniority.
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