If you want to ensure that your power bill is as accurate as possible, be sure to submit your meter reading every month. For every month that your meter is not read, we must estimate your power use by looking at your last 12 months of electricity consumption.

Submit Your Meter Reading

There are four easy ways you can submit your meter reading:

Benefits of Submitting Your Own Meter Reading

  • Keep your monthly bill as accurate as possible
  • Minimize the difference between estimates and actual readings
  • Understand and reduce your power consumption

When to Read Your Meter

The most ideal time to read and submit your power meter reading is between one week and one day before your billing date. Submit your online meter reading until 8:30 p.m. on your billing date; this helps to ensure that your bill is as current and accurate as possible.

  • In cities and towns: Every third month
  • In rural areas and acreages: Once a year
  • In resort areas: Once a year
  • In communities where the population is less than 500: Once a year

How to Read Your Meter

If you find a meter read card in your mailbox, we need you to read your meter and submit your reading to us.

We read most meters every three months, but often there are obstacles blocking us from accessing meters (such as unleashed pets, items stacked in front of meters, etc.), which is why we need you to read your meter and submit your results.

Minimize fluctuations in your power bill by making sure our meter readers can do their jobs.

Reading the dials

Analog meter dials

  1. Record the exact position of each dial on the card. If the dial arm is between two numbers, submit the lower number. For example, the meter below reads 79314.
  2. Using the information you’ve recorded on the meter read card, submit your reading.

Printable meter read cards

Keep Your Meter Neater

Sometimes our meter readers cannot gain access to your meter, especially if you have a large dog, a locked fence or other obstacle. If this is the case, the meter reader will leave a card in your mailbox for you to complete.

  • Clear obstructions around power and gas meters, such as snow build-up, bikes, ladders and tools.
  • Use sand or ice melt on icy sidewalks, and remove icicles hanging over meters outside.
  • Clear ice and snow away from gates, stairs and doors.

Sometimes tools like shovels or rakes get buried in the snow. Invisible items like this are potentially dangerous, especially when they cross the pathway to the meter. Make sure your yard is clear before the snow falls.

Indoor meters also need to be free of clutter. Basement stairwells and pathways to the meter should also be clear of debris and clutter.

Leash or detain your dog

No matter how friendly your dog might seem, it needs to be leashed or detained when a SaskPower employee is on your premises. A friendly dog can still act protective or predatory if it feels threatened.

  • Bring your dog inside or leash it away from the meter if the SaskPower employee is in the yard.
  • Put your dog behind closed doors if the SaskPower employee is in the house.

If you have a dog that you keep in your backyard, consider reading your own meter. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

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