Energy Efficiency Discounts

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Make the switch to energy-efficient products today and start seeing savings on your power and energy bills! Visit participating retailers until July 2 to get in-store savings on select products.

Eligible Products

Purchase any of the eligible energy-efficient products from participating retailers and save money:

  • Select ENERGY STAR ® certified specialty LED bulbs - $7 off per package
  • Select ENERGY STAR ® certified LED fixtures - $20 off per package
  • Select energy-efficient lighting controls (dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors and indoor timers) - $8 off per package
  • ENERGY STAR ® Smart thermostats (in collaboration with SaskEnergy) - $75 off per package
  • Select ENERGY STAR ® certified ventilation fans - $15 off per package

Participating Retailers

Visit any of the listed participating retailers across Saskatchewan to receive a discount on eligible products:

  • Costco - Regina and Saskatoon locations
  • Home Depot - Regina and Saskatoon locations
  • Best Buy - Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert locations
  • Federated Co-operatives Limited (Co-op) - multiple locations across Saskatchewan
  • Home Hardware - Meadow Lake, Spiritwood, Esterhazy, Warman, Hague, Saskatoon, North Battleford and St. Walburg locations
  • Luminesque Lighting - Regina location
  • McMunn & Yates - Yorkton and Kamsack locations
  • Rona - multiple locations across Saskatchewan
  • Richardson Lighting - Regina and Saskatoon locations

Why Switch to Energy-Efficient Products?

Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same job done. And in the process, saving money and reducing pollution. Many products, homes and buildings use more energy than they need and sometimes even waste it.

By being efficient and lowering your energy use, you can reduce your monthly bills and make energy more affordable.

Efficiency Tips

Did you know that:

  • Lighting accounts for about 17% of your home power costs? Switching 1 light bulb to an energy-efficient bulb can save you more than $100 over its lifetime.
  • Lighting controls like dimmers, sensors and timers, will also help you manage the amount of energy used, making sure you’re only using power for lighting when you need to.
  • Smart thermostats ensure efficiency by putting you in control of your home’s heating and cooling systems, even when you’re not home! They allow you to make changes remotely, use sensors to learn your behaviour and they can even adjust themselves based on outside conditions. An ENERGY STAR® certified connected thermostat can save you at least 8% of your home's annual energy use.
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