Power engineers are the backbone of our company — without them we'd shut down.

We're looking for power engineers to work at our power plants throughout Saskatchewan. It’s critical to have the right people for these jobs.

Hear our employees talk about why they chose power engineering as a career — and Saskatchewan to call home.

Opportunities in Various Locations

We’ve got opportunities for power engineers at our power plants in Estevan, Coronach and Saskatoon. With a 2nd class licence, our power engineer positions range from $44.91/hour-$50.63/hour; this does not include overtime and incentive pay. Employees work on a 35-day rotation, which includes 14 (12-hour) days and two (eight-hour) days.

We offer positions in three locations:


Located in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan, midway between Regina (the province’s capital city) and Minot, N.D., Estevan is often referred to as the sunshine capital of Canada. It’s also been called the energy capital of Saskatchewan due to its strong resource base.


Located in the southern part of the province, Coronach is a short distance from the U.S. border. A friendly town with affordable housing and an exciting future, there are many things to explore and do in the area, including tours of the coal mine, power plant and badlands, fishing and more.


Saskatchewan’s largest city, Saskatoon is located in the central part of the province on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. An active city with plenty to do, the area offers something for everyone.

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If you’re interested in beginning the recruitment process with us, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Copy of your power engineering certificate
  • Copy of your wallet-sized power engineering licence

We pay reasonable travel expenses for candidates to attend interviews, plant tours and community tours.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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