Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that our workforce should be as diverse as the customers we serve. Building a diverse workforce encourages a creative and cultural environment where everyone is treated with fairness and respect. Diversity benefits everybody at SaskPower and contributes to our success.

Diversity and inclusion defined

At SaskPower, diversity refers to not only the familiar traits of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation, but to many personal and professional characteristics such as communication style, work habits, behavioural attitudes, knowledge, thought processes, ideas, and life experiences as well.

Inclusion is defined as being valued for who you are and what you bring (i.e. your diversity). It’s about creating the work environment and organizational culture that allows employees to work to their full potential each and every day. SaskPower’s values-based culture of safety, openness, collaboration and accountability is the foundation for building an inclusive work culture.

Our Guiding Principles for Diversity and Inclusion
  • An inclusive, safe, and empowering workplace where the backgrounds, talents and viewpoints of all employees are welcomed and valued;
  • Respect for everyone – our team members, customers, communities and shareholders;
  • Our values of safety, openness, collaboration, and accountability encourage diversity of thought;
  • Equitable opportunities that value diversity – building on one another’s strengths; and
  • Inclusion and engagement is everyone’s responsibility.
Fast Facts about SaskPower’s Diversity and Inclusion Program
  • We have six employee affinity groups: 1) Aboriginal Employees Network (AEN), 2) Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ),3) Network of Employees for Disabilities (NED),4) Visible Minority Network (VMN),5) Women’s Resource Group (WRG) and a6) Youth Network. These groups have an active role in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • SaskPower’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan for 2017- 2020 focuses on: increasing SaskPower’s diverse talent pool, educating leaders and holding them accountable for diversity and inclusion within their areas, programs for all employees to support diversity, and strategic partnerships with educational institutions, employment agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  • We have a partnership agreement with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) and an equity partnership agreement with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee (SHRC).
Diversity Initiatives

Below is a sample of some of our initiatives:

  • We collaborated with other Crowns to organize a National Aboriginal Day celebration in Regina’s Victoria Park.
  • We participated in Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan’s Chair Leader Day where four Executive members spent their morning in a wheelchair to champion the cause for greater inclusion in communities and workplaces.
  • All employees were invited to participate in their community’s Pride Events. In Regina, over 20 SaskPower employees, executives, friends and family marched in the Pride Parade and handed out fun festive swag to the parade participants.
  • SaskPower’s Visible Minority Network (VMN) group organized a networking event with one of our external agencies. It was an opportunity for both SaskPower employees and about 25 international immigrant women to socialize and share information with each other.
  • The Women’s Resource Group (WRG) with the help of their Executive sponsor initiated and developed a mentorship program for the women in the organization.
  • The SaskPower Youth Network is co-hosting the 2017 Crown Connections Event, a collaborative session that provides employees from SaskPower, SaskTel, SGI and SaskEnergy with an opportunity to network with each other and with leadership representatives from the participating Crowns.

Diversity Committee and Employee Affinity groups

The SaskPower Diversity and Inclusion Committee plays an important leadership role in ensuring that the corporation achieves its targets. As a broadly representative body, the committee gives a central voice to the goals of diverse groups at all levels of SaskPower.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee collaborates with our six employee affinity groups. Employees who join these groups make a difference in furthering diversity initiatives within SaskPower and the greater community. The shared vision of our affinity groups is to position SaskPower as an employer of choice within their respective communities.

Affinity group members serve an important role at SaskPower, acting as a resource for members and employees by building communities, providing opportunities for development and networking, recruiting, and feedback. They also provide feedback and advice on how to integrate diversity into training materials, company communications, and the business in general.

Aboriginal Employees Network

Provides a collective voice and a supportive environment for Aboriginal employees, to open doors and promote opportunities for Aboriginal people within SaskPower, and to build a progressive community.

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Network

Provides education about, awareness of, and support for LGBTQ employees and their families.

Network of Employees for Disabilities

Advises and advocates on behalf of employees with disabilities to assist SaskPower to be a proactive and accommodating company.

Visible Minorities Network

Provides an active voice on issues affecting visible minorities in the workplace, in which civility and respect are fostered and discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

Women’s Resource Network

Encourages the equitable participation of women in under-represented trades and engineering professions.

Youth Network

Provides youth perspective and feedback on projects, programs and procedures, and promotes SaskPower as a successful career choice for youth.

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