The average cost of electrical generation (less than 100 kilowatts) for most renewable generation systems has been falling in recent years. You should check with a number of suppliers/vendors to determine current equipment, installation and annual maintenance costs for these types of systems.

Determine the Program for You

We have three self-generation programs available.

Flare Gas Power Generation Program
Support for oil producers who want to use gas to generate electricity.

Net Metering Program
Bank the excess electricity you produce and save it for when you need it.

Small Power Producers Program
Sell all your power or sell what you don’t use to SaskPower.

Program Small Power Producers Program Net Metering Program Flare Gas Power Generation Program
Self-generation programs, costs and process
Generation Up to 100kW Up to 100 kW 100 kW to 1MW
Sales Model All power or excess power generated is sold to SaskPower No power sold to SaskPower. Generated power is banked for later use. All power generated is sold to SaskPower.
Preliminary interconnection study $315 (including GST) $315 (including GST) $1,725 (+GST)
Power Purchase Agreement 20 years

20, 30 or 40 years for hydro producers
Two-year term 20 years for oil producers
Application Process By submission By submission By submission
Technologies Environmentally preferred technologies Environmentally preferred technologies Environmentally preferred technologies


Non-Utility Generation Policy

For further information on self-generation, learn more about our Non-Utility Generation Policy.

Renewable Generation Equipment Vendors

If you are considering pursuing this type of venture, you should thoroughly evaluate the amount of power you expect to produce and the economics of the project to determine your overall cost of electricity. You may want to consider obtaining up to three quotes from different renewable generation equipment vendors.

Renewable generation equipment vendors can provide comparative information, cost analysis, as well as advice on equipment, installation and connection to the SaskPower grid. These vendors can also help you complete application forms if you decide to move ahead and generate your own power.

How to Get the Most Out of Self-Generation

The best way to get the most out of self-generated electricity is to reduce your electricity consumption. Our Power Smart Home can help you get started. By reducing your power usage, you can bank or sell more self-generated electricity.

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