We’re building a switching station and a power line to connect the Blue Hill Wind Power Facility to our grid. We expect this line to be powered up by 2021.

Transmission project timeline plan stage

Why we're doing it

This project will help us move power where it’s needed by connecting:

  • the Blue Hill Wind Power Facility to our grid
  • the new switching station to the Pasqua to Swift Current line

This is one of the ways we can meet Saskatchewan’s growing need for power. And it supports our goals to add more renewable energy to our supply mix.

Our progress so far

We’ve started engaging with:

  • elected officials
  • landowners

We’ll continue engagements in 2019.

Minimizing the impact to you

Engaging with you is an important part of this process. It helps us understand your concerns while finding the best route. We look at:

  • impacts on land use
  • environmental impacts
  • safety and efficiency

Respecting the local environment

Construction’s planned over the winter months. This will help reduce impacts to the environment, including:

  • endangered species and their habitats
  • sensitive landscapes like wetlands

Benefits to local communities

This project will help provide reliable power to your home and community. It’ll also help reduce carbon emissions in the province.

Keeping you informed

We're still gathering details to help us select the preferred route. As we get more data, we'll update this page.

For more details about this project:

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