We’re supporting a new wind farm being built by Capstone in southwest of Riverhurst by building:

  • A new section of high voltage power line
  • A new substation
  • A new low voltage power line

to interconnect the Capstone’s 10 MW wind power facility.

Transmission project timeline plan stage

Why we're doing it

Renewable energy is our future. Our plan is to:

  • Increase renewable wind generation by 30 per cent; and
  • Reduce our emissions by 40 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030.

The demand for power continues to rise. This project will help reliability in the Riverhurst area now and into the future.

Our progress so far

In 2010, through the Green Options Partners Program, we submitted a request for proposals from independent power producers. This was to add more clean energy to our power system. Capstone, a private sector power producer, won the bid to build a new wind farm facility.

To prepare for this project and identify potential sites for the substation, we’ve consulted with:

  • The village of Riverhurst;
  • The RM of Maple Bush; and
  • Local landowners.

We’ll use the feedback as we develop potential sites.

Respecting the local environment

Rather than taking cropland out of production, the substation will be on pasture land. The new lines will also be connecting to existing lines in the area. This helps reduce the impact to the environment by reducing the amount of construction.

Benefits to local communities

We use local contractors for our projects whenever possible. This fall, contractors will perform the preliminary work on this project. See current opportunities.

Keeping you informed

We plan to be back in the Riverhurst area this summer to share our plans with the community. We’ll provide more information here as it becomes available.

For more information about this project:

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