We’re building a new power line that will bring power from the Chinook Power Station to the Regina area. This is currently under construction west of Regina near Belle Plaine and Pense. We expect to power up this line in spring 2019.

Transmission project timeline build stage 

Why we're doing it

The demand for power’s growing. And this line will help us deliver power from the east and west areas of the provinces. It’ll also increase reliability to customers – making sure they get power when and where they need it.

Our progress so far

Construction started June 2018.
Before this, we consulted with:

  • Municipalities;
  • Landowners; and
  • Other impacted stakeholders.

Minimizing the impact to you

Because of construction, you may see large equipment near worksites. Watch for signage and slow down. This will allow for equipment and vehicles to travel on the main roads.

Respecting the local environment

We follow an environmental plan and monitor our work in the field. This allows us to closely manage and reduce our environmental impact.

Our goal is to leave everything the way we found it. That may mean after construction we may need to repair:

  • crops
  • roads
  • ditches

Benefits to your community

New power lines like this one not only help us provide more reliable service to our customers.

Keeping you informed

We’ll continue to keep the public informed as we make major progress on this project.

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