Natural gas provides steady power. Even when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. This makes it an important part of our plan to add more renewables to the province.

Transmission project timeline plan stage 

Why we’re doing it

We’re building a 350 megawatt (MW) natural gas facility and Moose Jaw is our preferred site. This will make enough electricity to power a city the size of Saskatoon.

The type of gas plant we want to build uses combined cycle gas turbine technology. This is more efficient and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We expect the station to be in service in 2024, or earlier.

The new facility will be the same size as the new Chinook Power Station. We’re also studying to see if the site can support more generation. This makes it possible to create more power if we need it in the future. 

Our progress so far

Since 2017, we worked with communities to share details about the project. There were 4 areas we were looking at:

We listened to the feedback we got from our first round of engagement. We took the information we got and compared it to other factors, like:

  • environmental factors
  • building and access
  • cost
  • connecting to the grid
  • water supply

Based on all these factors, we chose Moose Jaw Industrial Park as the preferred site.

What's next?

As this process started, you shared your thoughts with us. You want us to:

  • Preserve farmland, and make sure plans don’t impact farm safety
  • Look at property impacts and share details about potential:
    • noise
    • odour
    • emissions
  • Keep the impacts of construction low:
    • traffic
    • noise
    • dust
  • Preserve water and soil quality
  • Create local jobs and training opportunities
  • Respect nearby recreational areas
  • Keep you informed

We'll do a detailed study to focus on these topics. Once that’s done, we’ll share:

  • our high-level layout and building plans
  • environmental impacts
  • procurement plans

We’ll keep our engagement process going. We’ll work with communities to make sure their interests, concerns and Indigenous traditional knowledge are built into our plans as much as possible.

The project needs review and approval from:

  • the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Benefits to local communities

Even though this project’s still in the early stages, it will help support:

  • Economic development within Saskatchewan
  • The growing need for power
  • Service reliability to customers in the area
We're still working on who will build the plant. Supplier opportunities are being figured out. We'll update communities once we have a result to share.  

Keeping you informed

For more details about this project:

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