We’re bringing our employees together in fewer places. That means we're building a Logistics Warehouse Complex at the Global Transportation Hub in Regina.

This will allow us to have our service and support operations all in one place. Our goal is to do this safely and efficiently.

Transmission project timeline prepare stage 

Why we're doing it

In 2008, we began to review and create a long-term plan for our properties in Regina. Some buildings we own, others we lease.

We put this on hold in 2015 due to financial constraints. Since this has improved, it's made the project possible again. Our Board and Cabinet reviewed and approved us to start the planning and design in December 2018.

The Logistics Warehouse Complex will let us bring together several divisions in one location, such as our:

  • Logistics
  • Fleet
  • Distribution Operations
  • Transmission Operations
  • Metering

This new complex will replace current buildings that are nearing the end of their useful lives. If we stayed in our current buildings, they’d need a large investment to maintain.

Our progress so far

We'll spread this project out over several years. We've put out a Request for Proposals for the design of the first development of the complex. We expect the first phase of construction to begin in 2020.

Minimizing the impact to you

This project will not impact rates. And customers shouldn't notice any difference to their service.

We estimate the first phase to cost $60 million. This is under our current approved capital program. The full cost of the complex is included in our capital budget.

Respecting the local environment

We'll design the complex to meet:

  • the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB)
  • enhanced accessibility and diversity provisions

More benefits to your community

It’ll cost less to maintain this new complex compared to the older leased and owned properties.

Keeping you informed

We’ll continue to post updates, including:

  • who will be working from this complex
  • milestones reached
  • decisions made

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