We’re connecting a new power line to BHP’s proposed potash mine near Jansen to support the growth and economic development of Saskatchewan. Potential routes have been proposed and consultations with the affected communities and landowners are happening this fall.

Transmission project timeline paln stage 

Why we're doing it

This power line will provide permanent power to the proposed potash mine. We expect this to be up and running by 2021.

Our progress so far

We consulted with the public in 2017. From that, we’re now using the feedback we got to choose a preferred route.

Minimizing the impact to you

Once we’ve selected a route, we’ll let you know. We plan to have an information session in the fall of 2018. This’ll be a chance for the public to ask questions about the chosen route.

Respecting the local environment

We will try to avoid areas that might negatively affect wildlife, wildlife habitat or other sensitive areas, and work with key environmental stakeholders and appropriate government departments to find the most responsible way to reduce any impact.

Environmental studies have begun to ensure we avoid areas that could affect:

  • Wildlife
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Sensitive areas

We’ll use the information we get from the study to help us when deciding the route. With all projects, we do our best to find the most responsible way to reduce any impact.

More benefits to your community

Powering the potash mine supports Saskatchewan’s economy, the surrounding communities and includes opportunities such as job creation.

Learn more about our current opportunities.

Keeping you informed

Feedback is an important part of our process. Connecting with people who have knowledge about the areas potentially impacted by proposed options can help us make better decisions.

How we plan to bring power to the potash mine:

Here’s how you can provide feedback:

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