Our wind power facilities stand tall against the flat prairie skyline. We have a total of 9 facilities in the province.


Wind power is captured through large wind turbines.


Wind turbines don’t work well when there’s no wind, too much wind (for safety reasons) or when it’s too cold.


Low reliability

We cannot depend on wind alone. Wind turbines can’t generate power on calm days and are less effective on hot days.


Low cost rating

Wind power is a cost-effective power source.


Low environmental impact

With no emissions, this is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.


Our power capacity from wind is about 12%.


Adding more wind will help us meet our emissions goals. On its own wind won’t be enough. It will need back up for calm days. Until recently, natural gas has been an ideal back up to wind, but changing federal regulations mean this is highly unlikely to continue. Batteries can store some of the power generated by wind turbines, but can’t hold enough power to meet our needs for extended periods of time.

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Generate Your Own Wind Power

Interested in generating wind power? We've got options for you to use the power you make.

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