Together we can build a cleaner power future for our province.

We’re procuring many of our renewable energy projects. If you’re a supplier and would like to work with us, you can apply through our competition process. We have a two-part process for every competition. That includes:


Request for Proposal


Request for Qualifications

All of our renewable energy projects are open to all suppliers. For more information on our procurement process, please visit Doing Business with SaskPower.

To bid on a project, see our Current Supply Opportunities.

Timeline for Procurement
Generation Option Timeline Description
 Solar Request for Qualification (RFQ):
Current Supply Opportunities
  •  Qualify all potential developers
  The contract has been awarded to Saturn Power.

SaskPower is preparing the details for the next 10 MW solar competition and anticipates issuing the competition documents in early 2019.

  •  Expected size: 10 MW
 Wind Request for Qualification (RFQ):
Current Supply Opportunities
  • Qualify all potential developers 

Request for Proposals (RFP) currently open.

RFP closes March 2018.

Contract award expected by Q3 2018.

  • Expected size:
    Up to 200 MW
  • All shortlisted suppliers are invited to submit a proposal.

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