COVID-19 Update

We know many of our customers are spending more time at home during COVID-19 and so we’re minimizing planned outages by:

  • Suspending all planned outages that would affect hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, long term care facilities and grocery stores.
  • Suspending planned outages scheduled for longer than 1 hour if it impacts more than 1,000 customers or for longer than 3 hours if it impacts less than 40 customers. (Note – there may be some exceptions in certain situations).

Learn more on our blog.

We don’t like interrupting your service, but sometimes we have to. Planned power outages happen when we need to make necessary repairs and installations. Being proactive with our work will mean less unplanned outages for you in the future.

When we do schedule an outage, we want you to know in advance. Often we’ll advertise planned outages on the radio, by mail and of course, on our social media channels. You may also subscribe to our RSS feed or download the SaskPower App to receive notifications for all of our planned outages.

All planned power outages are subject to change.


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