5 Questions About Switching to LED Streetlights


Streetlights light our way home at night by keeping us safe. With advancing technology LED streetlights offer more benefits, for you and the environment. That’s why we’re switching to L [...]

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BD3 Status Update: September 2019

In September, the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station captured 62,699 tonnes of CO2 and produced 77.4 tonnes of sulfuric acid from captured sulfur dioxide.

Mythbusted: SaskPower Always Knows How Much Power You Use Every Month

Myth: SaskPower knows exactly how much power you used last month. And the amount you’re charged for is based on your exact use.

5 Questions with Debbie Nielsen on the Status of the Net Metering Program

The Net Metering program allows customers to create their own power using renewable resources. The status of the program is changing.

5 Questions with Sheldon Smith on Serving Customers During a Labour Disruption

We’re preparing for a potential labour disruption. That’s why we sat down with Sheldon Smith, Director of Customer Care and Billing, to find out how we’ll continue to serve you.

Youth See a World of Opportunity With EYES Program

Sometimes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) can spark fear in young learners.

Bargaining 2019

As you've heard in the news, our Unifor employees recently took part in a strike vote. They voted in favour of a strike mandate.

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