5 Questions About Switching to LED Streetlights


Streetlights light our way home at night by keeping us safe. With advancing technology LED streetlights offer more benefits, for you and the environment. That’s why we’re switching to L [...]

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MS Diagnosis Didn’t Stop This SWNA Scholarship Recipient

At the age of 14, Jessica Collins received possible life-changing news. Doctors told her she had multiple sclerosis (MS).  She did not let her diagnosis control her.  Four years later, the Saskatoon[...]

Building a Better Bill Part 2

A little while ago we asked customers like you to help us understand how easy you find your bill to use today. And boy did you answer that call!

Mental Health Awareness a Priority for Scholarship Recipient

We all need a little extra help and support sometimes. 15-year-old Samantha Adams pushed to overcome struggles in her own life. Now she is giving back.

BD3 Status Update July 2019

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station captured 80,530 tonnes of CO2 in July.

Scholarship Recipient Designs Her Own Path

This inspiring 16-year-old designer hasn't let a chronic illness slow her down. Instead, it has motivated her to pursue her dreams. All while giving back to her community of Saskatoon.

5 Questions with Cheryl Robertson on the Next Phase of Our Smart Meter Program

After 2 successful pilots, we’re expanding our smart meter program again!

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