5 Questions with Tanya Messer on How the Outage Centre Helps Customers


Our Outage Centre knows exactly how disruptive power outages are for customers. For example, a big storm that creates widespread outages will result in thousands of calls. We sat down with Tanya Me [...]

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SaskPower Launches Outage Map

To make it easier for you to stay informed during an outage, we’ve built an outage map.

5 MORE Questions About Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology, one that will change the way many industries transact goods and services in the coming years. We sat down with Tanys McWatters to find out what we learned about o[...]

Improving SaskPower’s Infrastructure for Regina City Central Business District

In the next few months, you may see our crews more in Regina's Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. It's because we're making upgrades to the power grid as we invest $9 million in the area. This w[...]

BD3 Status Update: April 2018

In April, the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was available 94.9 per cent of the time

5 Questions with Ming Qian on our 2018 Wood Pole Maintenance Program

At 1.2 million and counting, there are more power poles in Saskatchewan than people. Because most poles are made of wood and were installed in the 1950s, we’re kept on our toes continually inspecting,[...]

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Start Fresh This Season

After a long winter in hibernation mode, the warm weather is usually enough inspiration to tackle the yearly ritual of spring cleaning. In nature, spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, so why not a[...]

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