Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to diversity, inclusion and achieving a workforce representative of the communities we serve. Our vision is to be an employer that values the diversity of its people. That means, engaging and empowering all employees to reach their full potential while bringing their whole selves to work.

Areas of Focus and Priorities

We plan to build on the progress we’ve made, while pursuing new directions. Focusing on Our People, Our Partnerships and Our Culture will ensure further growth and development of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Our People

  • To increase the diversity of our workforce, we actively support employees in growing their careers and reaching their full potential.


  • Advance Women in Trades
  • Advance Women in leadership
  • Increase percentage of underrepresented groups

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Our Partnerships

  • To ensure long-term business success, we focus on building strong partnerships both internally and externally.
  • Within these relationships we promote the value of diversity and ensure our practices are inclusive.


  • Strengthen internal and external partnerships

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Our Culture

  • To leverage the full talents of our workforce, we focus on creating the right environment for people to excel and live up to their full potential.


  • Consistent demonstration of inclusive behaviours and language

Our Employee Resource Groups

We have 6 Employee Resource Groups. They complement the organization’s objectives in creating a culture of growth and inclusion. The groups strive to make meaningful impacts by providing supportive environments.

Indigenous Employees Network (IEN)

The IEN provides a collective voice and a supportive environment for Indigenous employees. These leaders open doors and promote opportunities for Indigenous peoples within the company — playing a key role in building a progressive community.


This employee resource group raises awareness for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited (LGBTQ2S+) community within the company. They also provide support for employees.

Network of Employees with Disabilities (NED)

NED advises on ways to improve the recruitment and retention of those with disabilities. They also improve experiences for those with accessibility issues and promote career development opportunities.

Cultural Diversity Group (CDG)

Serving as an advisory committee, the CDG advocates on cultural diversity concerns. They also support the needs of diverse employees, and educate employees on the benefits and rewards of diverse cultures and backgrounds in employment.

Women’s Resource Group (WRG)

WRG encourages the equitable participation of women in under-represented occupations and leadership roles. The group also works to assist women in achieving their full career potential.


PowerGen is a group that aims to shape the next generation of leaders. This means creating opportunities, connecting employees and promoting personal and professional development.

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