Our Board of Directors is responsible for setting direction, monitoring and reporting achievement, as well as analyzing, evaluating and taking corrective action for SaskPower. The board is responsible for the stewardship of SaskPower in general terms. In meeting this responsibility, the board works with management to develop and approve the company’s strategic plan, operating goals, annual budget and business plans. It participates in identifying business risk and overseeing the implementation of appropriate systems to achieve a balance between the risks incurred and potential returns.

Our board is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council pursuant to The Power Corporation Act. The board consists of nine external directors and a corporate secretary.

Learn about our Board of Directors — Terms of Reference

Learn about our Terms of Reference for a Director

Learn about our Board Correspondence and Referral Process - Appendix A

Board Chair

The chair provides leadership to the board, overseeing all aspects of the board’s direction and administration. It is the chair’s responsibility to ensure the board is sufficiently independent from management, while facilitating effective communication between directors and management. The chair is also mandated to work with the CEO in representing the company to its shareholder and other stakeholders, acting as a spokesperson for the company, as required.

Learn about our Board Chair — Terms of Reference

Committee Chair

The chair is responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfils its mandate, overseeing all aspects of the committee’s direction and administration in fulfilling its Terms of Reference. Serving as the committee’s primary communication link with the board, the committee chair is responsible for reporting to the board the results of committee meetings as well as any issues that arise from the work of the committee.

Learn about our Committee Chair — Terms of Reference

Crown Investments Corporation Corporate Secretary

The CIC corporate secretary is an employee of the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) appointed by CIC to serve in the capacity of corporate secretary to the SaskPower board and its committees. This person reports directly to the CIC corporate secretariat as well as to the SaskPower board chair.

The CIC corporate secretary serves as an information and communications link between the board, the shareholder, and SaskPower management, providing comprehensive secretarial and governance advisory services to the board, committees and directors. This corporate secretary is responsible for providing expertise to the board chair regarding best practices in corporate governance and providing guidance to directors and SaskPower management regarding CIC policies, directives and processes.

Learn about our CIC Corporate Secretary — Terms of Reference

The Board’s Three Standing Committees Include:

  1. Audit and Finance Committee
    The Audit and Finance Committee’s Terms of Reference mandate the committee to assist the board in meeting its responsibilities with respect to financial reporting, internal controls and accountability. The committee oversees the risk management reporting of SaskPower and directly interacts with the internal and external auditors. The committee ensures that the board is provided with financial plans, proposals and information that are consistent with the company’s overall strategic plan and public policy objectives. Learn about our Audit and Finance Committee — Terms of Reference
  2. Governance & Human Resource Committee
    The Governance & Human Resources Committee is responsible for the development, review and effectiveness of SaskPower’s corporate governance practices. Its duties include monitoring and evaluating the board and individual director performance and the effectiveness of the board committee structure. It is also charged with overseeing the company’s human resource strategies, programs and practices. Learn about our Governance & Human Resources Committee — Terms of Reference
  3. Safety, Environment & Corporate Responsibility Committee
    The Safety, Environment & Corporate Responsibility Committee is charged with ensuring that SaskPower proactively addresses safety, health, environmental and sustainability issues while operating in accordance with stakeholder expectations, ethical standards, and the spirit of the law. Learn about our Safety, Environment & Corporate Responsibility Committee — Terms of Reference

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