Another CCS Milestone Reached

October 31, 2016

Boundary Dam CCS Facility Captures 800,000 tonnes of CO2 in a Year

SaskPower's Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station in Estevan has celebrated another milestone, capturing 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) in one year.

It has been a successful year for the CCS facility. Overall in 2016, the facility has been operating 85 per cent of the time and during six of the last 12 months, the facility was online 100 per cent of the time. Power produced at the CCS unit is competitive with other sources and it is powering more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Saskatchewan.

"With this investment in technology, we've eliminated emissions equal to taking 200,000 cars off our roads in the last 12 months," says Mike Marsh, President and CEO of SaskPower.

"Now that we have proven the reliability of CCS technology this year, next year we will continue to ensure we meet our commitment to our offtaker and emissions regulations while running the CCS process in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible."

SaskPower will continue to focus on consistent, reliable operations. This includes routine scheduled maintenance to ensure both the plant and the capture processes are working efficiently and safely.

"CCS technology continues to advance and we have made significant progress. SaskPower is the first in the world to use CCS and as we continue into the future we will continue to make changes to improve our facility," says Marsh.

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At a glance...

  • Boundary Dam CCS project captured 800,000 tonnes of CO2 in 12 months
  • This is equal to taking 200,000 vehicles off the road
  • Visit for project updates.

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