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October 04, 2016

SaskPower Retail Discount Program returns

SaskPower wants to help customers across the province save this fall with the Retail Discount Program. From now until Nov. 30 there are multiple ways you can save money on your power bill and help the environment.

"With our program you get instant in-store discounts at the cash register, where with most rebate programs you have to mail something in or clip a coupon," says Janson Anderson, SaskPower's Director, Customer Programs.

SaskPower's Lighting Discount is underway and will run until Nov. 30. Since it started in 2010, this program has helped reduce overall power use in Saskatchewan by 36 megawatts. That's enough to power about 7,200 homes for an entire year. "The best bulbs for you to buy are Energy-Star rated LEDs. They use about 80 per cent less electricity and last up to 15 times longer than incandescent light bulbs," says Anderson.

This year SaskPower has also added a Smart Home Product Discount, which applies to select smart thermostats, power bars and plugs. These discounts are available until Oct. 31.

"Smart home products allow you to take charge of your power use," says Anderson. "Your mobile device can control some of these products, such as the thermostat and plugs, to help you control your use and save power, while the power bars allow you to reduce phantom power."

Customers can also save on seasonal LED light strings from Nov. 1 until Nov. 30.

To learn more about the program and where you can take advantage of the savings, visit #SkSaveNow

At a glance...

  • SaskPower Retail Discount Program returns this fall.
  • Lighting discount: now until-Nov. 30.
  • Lighting discount has reduced power use in Saskatchewan by 36 MW — enough to power 7,200 homes for a year.
  • Smart home product discount: now until Oct. 31.
  • Seasonal LED discount: Nov. 1-30.
  • Visit for details.

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