SaskPower Reinforces Power Grid in East Regina

April 14, 2016

$11.5-million investment will help reduce size, duration and number of outages for the area

SaskPower has added a second transformer to the Fleet Street Substation in Regina's east end. The work also included the addition of six new distribution feeders, and upgrades to older feeders, to improve reliability and safety of power service to residential and commercial customers in the area.

"These upgrades are vital for an area of the province that has grown quickly in the past few years," SaskPower Vice President of Transmission Services Tim Eckel said. "The work will also protect the electrical system during summer and winter peak demands that have been reaching new record highs almost every year since 2010."

The upgrade accommodates recent growth and allows for new growth and additional power consumption projected in the north and east areas of Regina. This is the final step in a larger upgrade to the Fleet Street Substation over the past four years. The new transformer and completed upgrades will allow SaskPower to reroute power more effectively during outages that inevitably come with summer wind and lightning storms.

Finally, the transformer includes wildlife protection, incorporating new designs for safeguarding electrical components. This reduces the chance of power outages due to wildlife contact from animals such as birds or rodents, which account for more than 30 per cent of unplanned power outages.

The transformer is now online and final work and testing is taking place in April. Customers will then be able to be supplied directly from the new equipment. These final phases may require short, planned outages. SaskPower will keep customers updated of any details well ahead of time.

At a glance...

  • $11.5 million investment for a new transformer serving east Regina.
  • Upgrade allows for ongoing residential and commercial growth in the area.
  • New hardware will help reduce number, size and duration of outages.
  • Final testing and energizing may require short planned outages that will be communicated as soon as possible.

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