SaskPower Reminds Customers to Stay Safe During Summer Yard Work

June 15, 2016

Enjoy a safe summer and keep the lights on for you and your neighbours by taking care around the power lines, poles and transformers in your yard.

"Whether you're building a fence, trimming trees or digging a new flower bed, make sure to consider SaskPower equipment in your yard and take steps to work around it safely," says Ryan Blair, Manager Regina Area Operations.

Unintended contact with electrical infrastructure damages equipment and can cause outages and injuries. SaskPower encourages the public to "look up and live". "In many cases, people have gotten so used to the electrical equipment in their yards that they're no longer thinking of the danger it can pose," says Blair. Follow these simple steps when out in your yard:

  • Don't trim any tree branches near power lines. Submit your tree trimming request at or call us at 1-888-757-6937 and we'll trim those branches for free. If you need more than a simple trim, we will disconnect the power line so you can trim your trees and reconnect it free of charge when the work is complete.
  • Before digging in your yard, make sure you know where any underground lines are buried. Call Sask1stCall or visit them online using their website or smartphone app for line locates. Keep in mind the exact depth and location of the line can change over time with ground shifting.
  • Don't place pools or hot tubs under overhead power lines.

If you're thinking of ways to blend the look of our equipment into your yard, remember we need access to these items at all times. Fences, sheds and shrubs need to be at least three meters from power pedestals and transformers. Covering transformers and poles with vines or other decorative items can also cause transformers to overheat. This also interferes with SaskPower crews' ability to climb the poles if needed.

Visit for more information. #SkPowerSafe

At a glance...

  • Request tree trimming for branches near power lines at or by calling 1-888-757-6937.
  • Call Sask1stCall to locate underground lines before doing any digging in your yard.
  • SaskPower transformers and poles in your yard need to be accessible at all times.
  • Report any low hanging power lines in your yard to SaskPower.

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