Session Focuses on Renewable Energy Suppliers Next Step in Reaching 2030 Goal

November 17, 2016

As plans to increase Saskatchewan's renewable power supply to up to 50% by 2030 continue to unfold, renewable power producers and suppliers had the opportunity to learn more about where they fit in.

An information session was held in Saskatoon today, hosted by SaskPower and the Ministry of Economy, in partnership with the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) and the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers' Association.

Those who attended had the opportunity to learn more about SaskPower's future plans for renewable power, opportunities for developers and suppliers, and project requirements.

"The goal of today's session is to share information about our utility-scale generation opportunities in an open and fair way," said Grant Ring, SaskPower Vice-President, Procurement and Supply Chain. "We wanted to be out talking to potential suppliers in the early stages of our plans, so that independent power producers and potential suppliers are aware of the opportunities available and requirements that we'll have as we grow our supply of renewable power."

Ring noted that the event was the first opportunity for many Saskatchewan vendors to make connections with independent power producers, opening the door for future opportunities.

"SaskPower's plan to reach 50 per cent of installed capacity with renewables represents a forward thinking approach to both modernizing their electricity system and to combatting emissions growth from the power sector," said CanSIA President and CEO John Gorman. "CanSIA is excited to work with SaskPower, the government, and local businesses to ensure that the process to achieve this goal benefits from strong stakeholder engagement and is able to capture the many economic benefits that come with the development of solar energy."

"Saskatchewan's plans to procure new clean, reliable and affordable wind energy have attracted significant interest from independent power producers and today's event provided an excellent opportunity for project developers to meet with local suppliers to explore potential opportunities and partnerships that would further enhance the local economic benefits associated with wind energy development in Saskatchewan," said CanWEA President Robert Hornung.

Information on SaskPower's plans for renewables, as well as details on upcoming projects, can be found at


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  • SaskPower and the Ministry of Economy hosted an information session for renewable independent power producers and suppliers on Nov. 17 in Saskatoon.
  • SaskPower's goal is up to 50% of power supply from renewables by 2030.
  • Details and timelines at:

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