Exploring the Future of Our Power Supply: Your Feedback Matters!

November 09, 2023

Future Power Supply Event


  • We’re officially in Stage 3 of our 5-stage process to update our long-term future supply plan and we need your feedback!
  • During this stage, we’re collecting input through online and in-person workshops, a take-at-home Future Supply: Discovery Kit and an online survey.
  • By engaging with us, you’re contributing to shaping a sustainable future for Saskatchewan. Your input not only influences our power supply direction, but you also have an opportunity to win prize money!

We’re changing the way we power the province, and we’re committed to shaping a sustainable future. Since 2022, we’ve been engaging with people across the province to understand your values and priorities on our power supply. With insights from over 15,000 residents, we’ve developed four scenarios that show what our future power system could look like.

Stage 3: Exploring Future Power Supply Scenarios

We’re officially in Stage 3 of our 5-stage process to update our long-term future supply plan. But what does that actually mean? Our goal is to create a long-term supply plan that meets our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets while delivering cost-effective and reliable power. To help get there, we need your feedback! Stage 3 is about exploring scenarios that define possible pathways to net zero and the trade-offs that come with each approach.

During this stage, your feedback is crucial, and you have a few different ways to give it. Your input will ultimately help inform our priorities when drafting the long-term supply plan in our next stage.

But before you dive in, consider brushing up on our journey so far at saskpower.com/futuresupply.

Engage with Us: Attend Our Upcoming Workshops!

We’re hosting educational and engagement workshops both online and in-person around Saskatchewan. Learn more about each workshop and the topics we’re covering.

Future Supply: Essentials Workshops (Online and In-Person Sessions)

Participate in our educational and engagement workshop where experts introduce various scenarios outlining pathways to net zero. Gain insights into commonly asked questions about cost, environmental performance, and stability. Your questions and feedback on scenario strengths will play a pivotal role in guiding our priorities. Learn more and register!

Other Ways to Give Feedback

Not keen on workshops? We've got you covered with other convenient feedback options:

  1. Future Supply: Discovery Kits

    Join in on our future supply plan from the comfort of your own home with a Future Supply: Discovery Kit. This activity kit introduces you to a series of scenarios that define possible pathways to net zero and includes discussion questions, feedback forms and more. Each kit includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope for you to send your feedback back to us. Learn more and order your kit today!

  2. Future Supply: Survey

    Share your thoughts and opinions through an online survey at saskpower.com/futuresupplysurvey. By participating, you stand a chance to win one of ten $250 VISA gift cards.

  3. saskpower.com/engage

    Share your input any time at saskpower.com/engage. We created this space for conversations about our projects, programs and more.

So, What’s In it For Me?

Aside from playing a role in shaping our province’s future power supply, you’ll also have the chance to win some moola! Each engagement activity throughout this stage allows participants the chance to win $100 or $250 VISA gift cards. Learn more!

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