We're adding to and making the power grid stronger for the Regina City Central Business District. This includes:

  • Checking our underground systems
  • Installing and maintaining duct banks
  • Replacing aging overhead lines
  • Installing and replacing equipment and underground cables
  • Retiring old facilities
  • Underground studies for engineering design work

Watch the video below to learn more about the work happening:

Why We’re Doing It

This work will help make sure that customers in Regina’s Central Business District have the power they need. By making these upgrades, it’ll also give us more visibility into the grid and help us find and restore power outages faster in the future.

Our Progress So Far

The program started in Regina in 2012, since then we’ve invested $45 million. To date, we’ve worked on:

  • duct banks
  • substations
  • equipment switch upgrades
  • technology upgrades
  • retired old substations
  • replaced underground cables

This year's work will run from April 2021 to March 2022.

Click on the maps below to see where the work is happening.

Construction Map Regina Downtown Construction Map Regina Downtown Construction Map Regina Downtown

These are the locations we are targeting this year:

Duct bank (corridors for cables feeding to and inside Central Business District)

Scheduled from late April to mid-October

New construction:

  • Alley north of Victoria Avenue between Angus Street and Rae Street
  • 15th Avenue between Osler Street and Hamilton Street
  • 13th Avenue from Broad Street to Osler Street
  • Scarth Street between Victoria Avenue and 12th Avenue
  • Scarth Street from 13th Avenue to alley south of Victoria Avenue


  • 15th Avenue between Rose Street and Scarth Street
  • Angus Street south of Dewdney Avenue
  • Dewdney Avenue and Albert Street
  • Hamilton Street just south of Saskatchewan Drive
  • Alley north of Victoria Avenue
    • East of Athol Street
    • East of Cameron Street
    • East of Robinson Street
    • East of Retallack Street

Underground line work

Scheduled April 2021 to March 31, 2022  

Locations Impacted:

  • Broad Street north of Badham Boulevard
  • 15th Avenue from Osler Street to Hamilton Street
  • Osler Street from College Avenue to 13th Avenue
  • Alley north of Victoria Avenue between Angus Street and Athol Street
  • Alley north of 12th Avenue and east of Scarth Street
  • Alley north of 12th Avenue and west of Smith Street
  • Alley south of Sinton Lane
  • Saskatchewan Drive at Delta Hotel
  • North of Casino Regina
  • Dewdney Avenue and McIntyre Street
  • 11th Avenue from Osler Street to Halifax Street

Engineering Exploration

Scheduled to occur anytime between May 1 to October 1

Crews will be cutting small holes in pavement or sidewalk to verify location of buried facilities and taking measurements. This information will help with designing future projects.

Locations Impacted:

  • 11th Avenue from Broad Street to Albert Street
  • McIntyre Street from Victoria Avenue to 12th Avenue
  • Angus Street from Saskatchewan Drive to alley north of 10th Avenue

Facility Decommissioning

Scheduled from the end of July to the end of September

Crews will be removing old power cables and filling in old manhole vaults. Excavation will be needed at various locations.

Locations Impacted:

  • Wallace Street from 19th Avenue to Arcola Avenue and 13th Avenue from Wallace Street to Toronto Street
  • Arcola Avenue from Wallace Street to Winnipeg Street and Winnipeg Street from Arcola Avenue to Dewdney Avenue
  • 12th Avenue from Wallace Street to Osler Street

Minimizing the Impact to You

Some of this work will cause brief disruptions like:

  • road restrictions
  • noise
  • heavy construction traffic
  • planned power outages

Our crews will do their best to inform you about the impacts of the work ahead of time. We understand that power disruptions and construction activities can be annoying. Work will usually be scheduled Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. But there will be projects that need to continue into the weekend, or only be done on weekends.

We do this to reduce impacts to businesses, and make sure we can finish the work and get back to normal as soon as possible.

Respecting the Local Environment

Our crews will use safe handling methods when disposing hazardous materials. But we expect no impact to the local environment.

Benefits to Local Communities

Doing this work will allow us to continue to provide reliable power to our customers in Regina.

The estimated cost of this program in 2021-22 is over $7 million.

Keeping you informed

For more information about this project, visit:

If you have any questions or concerns while construction is ongoing, please call 1-888-757-6937

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