Coal is a non-renewable energy source used by half of the world’s utility companies, including us.

The federal government has changed regulations on all new and end-of-life coal units. With today’s technology, that means either a retrofit with carbon capture and storage (CCS), or a complete shutdown.

We’re investing in CCS technology. We’ve already converted the Boundary Dam Unit 3 with the first retrofitted coal-fired CCS unit. It captures carbon dioxide, preventing it from being released into the environment. It provides important details for us to be able to make a decision on our other coal units.


Burning coal creates power. A byproduct of burning coal is carbon dioxide.


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology uses coal for power. It makes less of an impact on the environment by storing the emissions.


High reliability

Coal with CCS technology is an incredibly reliable source of power.


High cost rating

Coal with CCS technology’s costly to start-up and run.


Medium environmental impact

We’re able to capture and store CO2 emissions before they reach the atmosphere. This helps reduce the harmful impact to the environment.



Our Boundary Dam Unit 3 is the world’s first CCS unit of its kind. It captures carbon dioxide, so it’s not released into the atmosphere.


We're discussing whether we should continue with this technology or retrofit the rest of the coal-fired units. A decision will be made in the next few years.

Fly Ash

One of the by-products of burning coal is fly ash. This is a fine ash that can be sold and used in:

  • ready-mix concrete
  • mine backfill
  • oil well cementing
  • road base stabilization
  • liquid waste stabilization
Call 1-800-667-8022 or contact us online for details about how to buy fly ash.

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