Hydro is our largest renewable energy source. We have 8 power plants throughout Saskatchewan.


Hydro's made by flowing water that turns turbines to create power. Power production relies on water flow. Low water years can affect the power supply.

There are 2 types of hydroelectric power plants:


Reservoir stations store and manage water flow with a dam. Water flows through the dam and can be adjusted like a tap to generate the amount of power needed.


Run-of-River stations have little or no storage. The water flows through a tube and produces electricity that’s sent back to the river. The amount of power that’s produced depends on the river flow.


High reliability

Hydro is a reliable source of energy as it uses flowing water as fuel.


Medium cost rating

As a renewable energy source it’s a cost-effective way to power our province.


Low environmental impact

With no direct waste and lower greenhouse gases, hydro has a low impact on the environment. But, special care must be made for wildlife habitats and aquatic ecosystems.


20% of our total power capacity in Saskatchewan comes from hydro.


We’re looking into more ways to expand how much hydro we have in the system, including imports.

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