Natural gas is a non-renewable energy source. Meaning once it’s burned it’s gone for good. Compared to coal, it produces 50% less emissions. But it'll have even stricter regulations soon.

There are 2 ways we can use natural gas to make power:


Natural gas generates power by being burned. Simple cycle gas turbines uses heat to turn a turbine to create power. This method is best when power use is at its peak, like hot summer days, or in the middle of winter.


Combined cycle gas plants are about 15% more efficient. They add another step by using the exhaust heat to make steam that turns a turbine to create power.


High reliability

With plenty of natural gas available it’s a reliable energy we can count on.


Low cost rating

It’s an inexpensive way to provide power to the province.


Medium environmental impact

Natural gas moderately impacts the environment as it produces less than half of the emissions of coal.


Natural gas generation (excluding cogeneration) makes up about 45% of SaskPower’s total generating capacity.



We’re planning to build a new natural gas plant in Moose Jaw's Industrial Park.

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