Our wind power facilities stand tall against the flat prairie skyline. We have a total of 6 facilities in the province.


Wind power's made using giant fan-like blades to turn turbines.


Wind turbines don’t work well when there’s no wind, too much wind (for safety reasons) or when it’s too cold.


Low reliability

Like solar power, wind power is an unreliable energy source. This is because the wind must be blowing to create power. No wind, no power!


Low cost rating

Wind power is a cost-effective power source.


Low environmental impact

With no emissions, this is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.


Our power capacity from wind is about 5%.


Adding more wind will help us meet our emissions goals.

Generate Your Own Wind Power

Interested in generating wind power? We've got options for you to use the power you make or sell the power to us.

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