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We built our power grid over 50 years ago. But as technology changes and the need for cleaner power increases, our aging system won't be able to keep up.

Our current power grid uses one-way communication. This means we send power to your premises and rely on you or our staff to read your meter. We also rely on you to tell us when there’s a power outage in your neighbourhood.

With a more modern power grid, we’ll be able to tell when there’s an outage in your area and let us fix it faster. It will also help us build a cleaner energy future for our province. Smart technology and meters provide us with visibility into how our grid is operating. This will be critical as more wind and solar are brought onto the grid.

Smart meters are one of the building blocks of a modern power grid. With them, our customers will see benefits right away. Smart meters are like regular digital meters, but they allow two-way communication and send meter readings automatically. This means bills based on actual meter readings every month. No more estimates.

You’ll also have more access to information about your power consumption. And, you'll be able to make better conservation and budgeting decisions as a result.

We’re excited to bring smart meters to our customers! Learn more about the program below.

What’s happening right now

We’re building on our success with over 21,000 commercial and industrial meters installed since 2017. Right now, we’re working to install 27,000 meters for remaining small and medium businesses, including 3,200 farmers who require a commercial meter for their operation.

SaskPower contacted all customers receiving a meter ahead of their installation by mail and phone. Customers had the option to decline a smart meter at that time.

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