The Red Tag program provides a consistent means for gas utilities, propane distributors, gas contractors or others deemed appropriate by the chief gas inspector to report unresolved gas-related deficiencies or identify reoccurring design flaws. The issuing of red tags shall be done by a licensed gasfitter.

This allows SaskPower gas inspectors to ensure that legitimate hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions are resolved in a timely fashion and to address design flaws through the appropriate certification agencies. The main focus is to be on the safety aspect for reporting of deficiencies.

The scope of the Red Tag program applies to all aspects of the gas utilization system, including:

  • The appliance, equipment, component or accessory where gas is to be used.
  • The piping and tubing system.
  • The venting system.
  • Any material that is composed predominantly of the following, or mixtures of them:
    • Methane (natural gas), propane (liquid or vapour), butane, hydrogen gas, manufactured gas and fuel oil.

For complete details, view the Red Tag Program User Manual.

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