Northern Communtiy

High utility bills can be stressful. And it can be costly to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home, especially for customers in remote Northern communities. Our Northern First Nations Home Retrofit Program can help. The program is offered in partnership with the Government of Canada.

Who Can Apply?

The program is open to qualified First Nations communities located in northern Saskatchewan.

You also use electric heat as your primary heating source.

How Does the Program Work?

We’ll partner with your First Nation to offer the direct install of free energy efficient upgrades.

  • Insulation upgrades
  • LED lights
  • Low flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Water heater jackets and insulated pipe wrap

Application Period

The application period closed June 24, 2022. Thank you for your interest!

Our team is now working with eligible First Nation communities to implement this program.

Similar Programs

If this program was of interest to you, check out our Energy Assistance Program.

The Energy Assistance Program is a free program for income qualified customers and is available year-round. The program provides:

  • a free home walk through
  • 1-on-1 energy coaching
  • tailored energy efficiency information
  • free installation of several energy efficient technologies



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