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We’re currently planning how we’ll supply power to Saskatchewan – now and into the future!

The decisions made today will impact you and future generations to come. That’s why we want to learn what matters to you most.


We’re currently in Stage 4 of our 5-stage process to update our long-term supply plan. Learn about each of the stages below.

Project Stages

Our long-term supply plan must deliver cost-effective, reliable power service that meets greenhouse gas emission targets. These are the stages that will help us update our long-term supply plan.


Getting to Know You

SeptemberNovember 2022

We asked how you want to participate, what supply options you’d like to learn more about and the opportunities you see for the future.

Check out What We’ve Heard from the community during this stage.


Understanding Your Priorities

November 2022 – May 2023

We shared detailed information about the supply options we’re considering. We’ll also dug deeper into your values and priorities when evaluating power supply options.

Check out What We’ve Heard from the community during this stage.


Exploring Future Power Supply Scenarios

October 2023 – January 2024

We shared supply mix scenarios to continue the discussion. We also explored the benefits and trade-offs that come with each type of approach.

Check out What We've Heard from the community during this stage.


Reviewing the Draft Long-term Plan

March  April 2024

We’ll share the draft long-term supply plan for you to review. We will check-in to see how the plan aligns with your priorities, identify any gaps that we missed and collect your feedback.


Release the 2024 Long-term Supply Plan

June 2024

Based on everything we’ve heard and learned in this process, along with our own analysis and conclusions, we’ll release our 2024 long-term supply plan. In our final report, we’ll show the role that your input made to the final plan.

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