We’re investing millions to add to and strengthen the power grid serving the Beechy/Lucky Lake/Kyle area.

Project Stage: Build and Energize

Why We’re Doing It

This work will help make sure that customers in the area have the reliable power they need. It’ll also give us more visibility into the grid, helping us find and restore power outages faster in the future.

Our Progress So Far

In 2021-22 we completed approximately $2 million of work in the area to increase the reliability and resiliency of the grid, including:

  • inspecting and performing maintenance work on 600 transmission structures
  • rebuilding 30 km of distribution line in the area around Demaine
  • upgrading the Beechy distribution line, including the installation of smart switches that optimize fault identification and automated service restoration
  • corrective maintenance on poles, crossarms and apparatus
  • replacing two poletop transformers
  • installing 100 smart meters on customer sites in the area

What’s Next

Between now and 2024, we will:

  • construct a new transmission substation and two new 25 kV feeder lines to create a second feed serving the area, improve reliability and support increased demand for power in the future
  • rebuild almost 100 km of power lines in the area
  • replace 30 wood poles, 26 crossarms and 52 fault indicators on distribution lines
  • inspect and maintain wood poles, ground grids and down guys throughout the district

Minimizing the Impact to You

Some of this work may require planned power outages. Our crews will do their best to inform you about the impacts of the work ahead of time. Information about upcoming planned outages is also available at saskpower.com/outages

Some of this work will also require us to access farmland in the area. We’ll communicate with you whenever possible before starting to work, and our crews will try to leave the land in the same condition it was before construction. If we cause any damage, we’ll restore it to as close to its original condition as possible at no cost to you. If damage remains or if crops are damaged, you’ll be reasonably compensated. To make a damage claim, contact us.

Respecting the Local Environment

We recognize that what we do today impacts our future. During every phase of projects that involve the construction, operation and/or maintenance of power lines, we follow our Environmental Beneficial Management Practices. And as with any project, we work hard to reduce our impact and protect the environment.

Benefits to Local Communities

This work will help us continue providing safe and reliable power, and be prepared to meet the future demand for new power in the area.

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