We’re investing $71 million in the Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station to extend its life. These upgrades will help us continue providing safe and reliable power. It’ll also allow for renewable, zero emissions energy production for years to come.   

Transmission project timeline build stage

Why We’re Doing It 

The Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station is over 50 years old. Extending its life is one of the ways we can meet Saskatchewan’s growing need for power. And it supports our goals to invest in renewable, low emission power.

We’ll spend $59 million to upgrade and modernize the plant from now to 2026. Projects include:

  • Repairs to generators and turbines at all three units at the plant
  • Replacing nearly all mechanical, electrical and control systems

We’re also making $12 million in other infrastructure updates to support safety and reliability of the power station, such as:

  • Replacing and installing fencing
  • Security at the power station
  • Control room heating and cooling systems
  • Renovating administration buildings (including asbestos removal)
  • Ventilation upgrades

This work is expected to be complete in 2024.

Our Progress So Far

We’re continuing to develop our project schedule. Here’s our current plan:

Fall 2021:

  • Repairs to the Unit 3 generator and turbine 
  • Replacement and installation of fencing


  • New storage and warehouse building (summer 2022)
  • Repairs to the Unit 1 generator and turbine (fall 2022)
  • Replacement of plant compressors


  • Replacement of the Unit 2 piping, pumps, electrical/controls equipment (fall 2023)
  • Repairs to the Unit 1 turbine (fall 2023)
  • Administration building renovations and remodeling, including asbestos abatement
  • HVAC unit refurbishments and ventilation upgrades
  • Fire prevention upgrades


  • Replacement of the Unit 3 piping, pumps, electrical/controls equipment (fall 2024)
  • Fire detection system replacement and fire suppression upgrades
  • Exterior lighting upgrades
  • Security system upgrades


  • Replacement of the Unit 1 piping, pumps, electrical/controls equipment (fall 2025)

Minimizing the Impact to You

While much of this work will not directly affect residents in area, it will be highly visible at times. Some work take place near and within the South Saskatchewan River waterline and in a small portion of Danielson Provincial Park.

Some of the visible work will include:

  • Relocating the public water supply station outside the fence
  • Lighting changes
  • Constructing a new storage building
  • Replacing and adding fencing
  • Removing and installing head gates and hoists
  • Installing a new potable water line to the powerhouse
  • Installing construction infrastructure
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