We’re improving power reliability in the Meadow Lake, Glaslyn and Spruce Lake areas.

This project includes building a new switching station and 3 new power lines to add more power capacity in the area.

Project Stage: Plan, Define and Consult 

Why We're Doing It

After assessing our existing power equipment in the area, we decided that new power lines and a new switching station are needed to continue to provide safe and reliable power to the area.

Our Progress So Far

We’re in the early stages of the project. So far, we’ve done some initial assessment, developed some potential line routes and have completed the initial consultation with Rightsholders, stakeholders and landowners in the area. We’re doing further assessment to find more ways to reduce impacts to the community, residents and the environment.

We’ll reach out again to the Rightsholders, stakeholders and communities when we’ve further developed our plan.

Respecting the Local Environment

What we do today impacts our future. We’re always working hard to reduce our impact and protect the environment.

As we plan projects, we use tools like databases, satellite imagery and field surveys to understand the environment we are working in.

As projects move forward, we’ll make sure environmental protection standards are in place to reduce our impact on features like:

  • Water bodies
  • Sensitive lands
  • Wildlife and their habitats
  • Heritage resources

We also work with the Ministry of Environment and other regulatory agencies to ensure we meet all environmental requirements.

Project Outcomes

When complete, this investment will improve power reliability for homes and businesses in Meadow Lake, Glaslyn, and Spruce Lake areas. This project will also support future growth and power needs in the area.

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