Electricity storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use later. It’s typically used to capture energy from intermittent sources like wind or solar when demand is low. Then, it can be used later when demand is high.

Electric Storage technologies

It includes technologies like:

  • Batteries
  • Compressed air facilities
  • Flywheels

Electric Storage options

These options vary on:

  • Their size and scale
  • How energy is stored
  • How long energy can be stored
  • How quickly or slowly they can be turned on
  • The amount of time they can supply energy


Low reliability

When we need extra power, we can tap into limited storage. Because technologies like batteries can only store a limited amount of power, they can’t meet our needs for extended periods of time.


Utility-scale storage options are expensive but are becoming more economical as technologies advance.


Environmental Impact None

With no emissions, this is an environmentally friendly resource.



We’re working on our first 20 MW battery energy storage system. Learn more.



Improving storage technology, especially the amount of power that batteries can store, will be crucial in any plans to expand solar or wind power generation.

Watch the video below to learn more about Electricity Storage.

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