An aerial view of three white turbines with green grass and a lake below.

Opened: 2021
Where: Riverhurst, SK
Fuel source: Wind
Power Capacity: 10 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the Riverhurst Wind Facility

  • Capstone Infrastructure Corporation owns and manages the facility, selling us the power it produces.
  • The facility:
    • includes 3 wind turbines
    • can generate enough power for about 5,000 homes
  • Wind is one of the cleanest power sources because it doesn’t release greenhouse gases (GHG) or pollutants.
  • To lower environmental impacts from the construction of wind farms — like birds and bats flying close by — we ensure the facility is built in an area with fewer migration paths and less vegetation.

Wind Facilities


Watch the video to find out how we power the province using wind power.

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