Shand Power Station

Opened: 1992
Where: Estevan, SK
Fuel source: Coal
Power capacity: 276 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the Shand Power Station

  • This power station only has 1 unit that can produce 276 MW of power
  • In 1993, Shand received a Power Plant Award from Power Magazine. This award was because of the power stations advanced environmental design
  • Shand Power Station provides recycled waste heat to the Shand Greenhouse to heat it in the winter

Advanced Environmental Design

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Shand Power Station runs as efficiently as possible. This includes:

  • Tuning the boiler temperature and air quality. This lowers nitrogen oxide formations by up to 50% that cause acid rain and smog.
  • A water management system. Making sure no water's disposed of in the environment, except through evaporation.
  • A dry scrubber to trap over 99% of the fly ash. Helping to remove harmful pollutants before it ever leaves the power station's smokestacks.

Coal-Fired Stations


In a thermal power station, fuel (coal or natural gas) is burned in a boiler to convert water to steam.

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