Outages can be inconvenient and unpredictable. We work hard to limit them, but they can still happen due to unexpected events like weather. Knowing what to do when an outage occurs will help you stay safe and limit inconveniences.

When an Outage Occurs

Step 1: Determine if the power failure is limited to your home.

  • If your neighbours have power, check your electrical panel to see if the main circuit breaker has tripped. Even if it appears to be on, turn the breaker off and back on again to ensure a good connection.

Step 2: If your electrical panel or main breaker isn't the cause of the outage, call 310-2220.

When faced with multiple outages, we prioritize:

  1. Life threatening or hazardous situations like power lines that have fallen on a road or vehicle.
  2. Large outages — Main lines and major equipment that return power to the largest number of customers.
  3. Small, isolated outages — Secondary lines and neighbourhood equipment.

In Cold Weather

Saskatchewan can have extreme weather, like cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. Being prepared for the weather is an important part of staying safe.

  • Depending on the temperatures and the condition of your home, it should stay warm inside for several hours without power.
  • Don’t use barbecues, portable generators and propane or kerosene heaters indoors. Burning fuel in areas without vents can make carbon monoxide, a deadly, odourless gas.
  • Most gas fireplaces will work during an outage (except for the electric blower or fan, if your fireplace is equipped with one). Remember, many gas and wood-burning fireplaces aren’t made to be used at high temperatures for a long period of time.
  • If you relocate, turn off the main power breaker to avoid damaging appliances or safety issues if the power comes back on before you return.

Food Storage

  • Avoid opening your freezer and fridge doors as much as you can. According to Public Safety Canada:
    • a full freezer will keep food frozen for about 48 hours. A freezer that is half full will keep food frozen for about 24 hours.
    • an unopened refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours.
  • If you can, add ice to the refrigerator and freezer to keep them cold longer.

Stay Connected

Follow these tips to save your mobile device’s battery:

  • Avoid turning your device on and off. Powering it back up drains the battery faster than leaving it on.
  • Turn the screen display’s brightness down and keep the screen off as much as possible.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location-sharing features and notifications.
  • Close apps or other functions, especially the ones that use a lot of data, like video or music streaming.
  • Many devices have battery-saving modes that automatically adjust settings to increase battery life.
  • Have an emergency charger (like a battery pack) on hand.

When the Power Is Restored

We restore power when repairs are complete. If your neighbour's power has returned and yours hasn’t, there could be a problem specific to your home. Recheck your main breaker and reset it even if it appears to be on.

Sometimes, the power goes out again; this can be a sign of another problem. Make sure to call us or report online every time the power goes out (after you’ve checked your own main breaker). If power is not restored, call us toll-free at 310-2220.

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