Electric Car driving

With the average Saskatchewan driver driving about 43 kilometers (km) per day – can an EV really meet your driving needs? Is driving an EV in Saskatchewan really better for the environment? Let’s find out!

The average distance an electric vehicle (EV) can travel before needing a charge is about 200 to 500+ km. This is known as an EV's driving range.

Compare the performance and cost of your average gasoline vehicle to an EV below:

Winter Performance

When winter hits, driving an EV in Saskatchewan’s cold winter months can reduce its driving range up to 50%.

Tips to improve your EV’s driving range during winter:

  • Heat your car while it’s still plugged in
    • This will use the energy from the power grid instead of from your car’s battery. This won’t impact the range of your car.
  • Warm the battery
    • Use a smart charger, app or on-board charging to set your charging to finish as close as possible to your departure time.
    • This will ensure your battery is warm when you leave, increasing the efficiency of your EV.
  • Heat your Seats
    • Heated seats are a more energy efficient way to heat occupants than to heat the air in the cabin, increasing range while keeping occupants comfortable.

Lowering Your Emissions

Emissions from gas vehicles have a large impact on our environment.

This is because the power we’re creating to charge the battery is coming from a cleaner power source. Our percentage of renewable sources are growing each year. With a portion of our power coming from renewable resources, driving an EV in Saskatchewan can reduce your emissions footprint.

Compared to driving a gas-powered Chevrolet Cruze, here’s how you can reduce your emissions by driving an EV:


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