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If you work around power lines, we have tips to help you prevent contacts and how to stay safe in an emergency situation.

Working Around Power Lines

Learn how to prevent a line contact and how to react to a downed power line with this helpful infographic.

Emergency Personnel Handbook

Information handbook to assist police, fire, ambulance and emergency response personnel in emergencies involving electrical facilities.

Locate Underground Power Lines

When doing any outdoor projects and excavation work, safety should always be a top priority. One of the most significant risks associated with digging is accidentally hitting underground utility lines. Not only can this cause costly damage, but it also poses serious safety hazards.

To request a FREE line locate or for safe digging information, visit

Stay Safe on the Farm

Farmer Survives Contact

Use our Farm Safety Checklist to be aware of 138 dangers and prepared for any situation or visit Grain Dryer Safety for more tips. Watch our video about a farmer who struck a transmission tower and lived to tell about it.

Watch our customers share their own powerful stories of close calls with electricity on our Powerful Stories page.

Know What to Do If You're in a Vehicle Accident

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Whether you are involved in an accident or you come across an emergency situation where others need help — always think safety first. Learn what do in an emergency involving Vehicle Accidents and Electrical Safety.

If you're a first responder, be aware of the risks before you are faced with an emergency.

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