If you’re building a house, cottage, or garage, you may need temporary construction power before we connect your main service. We can install a temporary service so you can get the job done.

The pricing below requires the temporary service to be completely removed within 2 years. If the service cable will be extended or altered in the future, it'll be considered a permanent service subject to future alteration costs.

The costs below are general estimates and are subject to an actual quote and site inspection.

Temporary Service Costs

Service Details
Service Type  Estimated Cost 
We install and remove a temporary overhead or underground service within 5 meters of a distribution point (a green box or secondary power line).  $525.00
Your electrician supplies the service cable to connect to our distribution facilities and we will connect it.  $285.00

*Total customer charges are subject to G.S.T. when quoting and invoicing.


  • A 200 amp meter is included.
  • The above also applies to the disconnection and re-connection of SaskPower service cable so the service can be transferred from a temporary post to the permanent location on a building as long as the temporary is within 5m of the permanent point of attachment.

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