Interconnection Agreements

We sell available space on our transmission lines to allow eligible customers to transfer power within or through the province of Saskatchewan. Depending on the type of service they’re looking for, customers can buy transmission capacity via 1 of 2 tariffs.

Transmitting Power Into, Through and Out of Saskatchewan

Our transmission lines are interconnected to Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota. The Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) is available to wholesale power marketers who want to transfer power into, through and out of the province of Saskatchewan.

Learn more about or how to become an OATT customer below.

Open Access Transmission Tariff

Transmitting Power within Saskatchewan

The Intra-Provincial Transmission Tariff (IPTT) allows customers to use our transmission lines to transfer power within the province of Saskatchewan. This includes transferring power from suppliers to their partner’s facility(s) located elsewhere within the province, while also maintaining reliable backup service from us.

Learn more about or to become an IPTT customer below.

Intra-Provincial Transmission Tariff

Load Interconnection

Learn more below, if you require a new service connection of 72 kV or higher.

Transmission Customers

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